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MCGILL Bearing Cam Follower Series
MCGILL Bearing Cam Follower Series Features and Benefits: Single row full complement needle roller, needle diameter, length and number have been optimally optimized to achieve high dynamic and static rated load carrying capacity in industry standard housing sizes. Thick-walled outer rings Thick-walled outer rings help support radial loads and provide proper support for rolling elements. The outside diameter (OD) of the cylinder and the outside diameter of the cylinder can improve performance in certain applications, such as increasing the bearing capacity of the raceway by maximizing the contact area of the raceway. Partially hardened raceway Heat treatment is used to precisely harden the raceway and flange face. The hardened surface provides support for the contact stress of the rolling elements while maintaining the toughness of the inner core layer in order to absorb the impact load.
        Hardened end plates, similar to flanges, must also provide sealing surfaces for the LUBRI-DISC seal and prevent wear from accidental contact with the outer ring or roller. With the LUBRI-DISC® seal option, the hardened and ground end plates provide sealing surfaces. Factory-filled grease The cam follower and yoke cam roller bearings are lubricated with medium-temperature grease at the factory. If application conditions require special lubricants, contact the Application Engineering Department. Lubrication Holes Depending on the mounting options, MCGILL stud CAMROL bearings can be equipped with lubrication holes for accommodating standard top-in filler tips or the supplied oil plugs. It is recommended to use an oil plug to close unused holes to prevent bearing contamination or loss of lubricant. Oil Plug All MCGILL stud cam followers have 1-2 oil plugs (depending on the number of holes) to provide a proper lubrication path to lubricate rolling elements and to prevent contaminants from passing through unused oil Hole into the bearing.
        MCGILL imported bearing cam follower series have these kinds of options for you to choose, black oxidation treatment, all the outer surface of the bearing have been treated with black oxide. The LUBRI-DISC® Seal LUBRI-DISC seal is the standard seal of CAMROL. It helps prevent contaminants from entering the bearing and helps provide lubrication to the bearing. It has an integral support plate to prevent the outer ring and end plate. Or metal contact between flanges. The support plate can reduce friction, thereby lowering the operating temperature of the bearing, which can extend the life of the grease and allow the bearing to operate at a higher rotational speed. The seal also has a vent hole to help prevent the seal from bursting during relubrication, while the outer raceway is machined with an oil reservoir to increase lubricant capacity. The LUBRI-DISC seal option provides a good balance of seal, lubricant capacity and low resistance operation, which is critical for precision cam follower bearings, making the bearings suitable for most industrial applications.
       The outer diameter (OD) of the flange type, compared with the standard cylindrical cam driven MCGILL bearing, the cam on the outer diameter of the cam follower bearing can extend the bearing life. The cam helps to distribute the stress caused by assembly errors or stud bending on the outer ring and rolling elements. In turning or rotating applications, the cam also helps to reduce the slippage of the outer ring. Not all applications can take advantage of the outside diameter of the flange.
       The diameter of the heavy-duty stud, the increase in the rod diameter of the heavy-duty stud cam follower bearing increases the diameter of the stud, which can increase the static bearing capacity of the MCGILL bearing. The increase in diameter can reduce the amount of deflection the cam follower can experience when subjected to radial loads. Due to the increased load capacity, the maximum recommended load can be 50% BDR. * For heavy-duty stud bearings, only for CFH inch series.
      MCGILL bearings with hexagonal holes (reaming) are also available. The inner hexagonal hole has a higher fixing force than the standard screwdriver slot, which facilitates the mounting and dismounting of the stud cam follower bearing. The hexagonal characteristic is identified by "B" because it is produced by the hole expanding process. For sizes below 3", bearing relubrication from the flange end must be considered.
MCGILL imported bearing eccentric stud series, eccentric studs provide a way to adjust the radial position of the bearing, which can improve the load balance in embedded bearing assembly applications. Load balancing of the cam follower bearing reduces premature damage due to bearing overload, which saves operating costs, reduces the need for precise mounting hole position tolerances, and provides the ability to reposition bearings as the raceway wears. The eccentric bush is mounted to the stud by press fit and is not hardened to maintain the pin or set screw in a permanently locked condition.
       The bushing type is also a member of the MCGILL cam follower bearing. The non-metal bushing achieves the load supporting function by sliding. For non-food grade applications that are inconvenient for relubrication or do not allow grease contamination in the process, the non-metal bushing can reduce the bearing. The need for lubrication. Its maximum allowable continuous operating temperature is 200°F. Bushing CAMROL bearings are used in self-lubricating mode. However, continuous lubrication can be used to reduce the wear rate. No grease lubrication should be used.
       MCGILL cam follower bearing and unique single row self-aligning roller bearing with dust-proof and waterproof rubber ring. They are widely used in printing presses, textile machines, beverage production lines, automatic cigarette lines, automatic machines and automated production lines. MCGILL's inch needle roller bearings are commonly used in machines imported from Europe and the United States.

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